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Added Arguments and Description(rw) properties to SiteManager.

Description allows you to set/get the text used in the running scripts dialog.

Arguments allows you to obtain the arguments passed by 'RunScript', which now takes an 'arguments' paramater.

The running scripts dialog lets you pass arguments to opened scripts.

Allows you to run scripts from the playlist through 'script:\' items. You can also pass arguments, check out the pause and closewinamp examples to see what I mean.

(scripts run in this manner will get a "-pos=x" argument indicating the position in the playlist it was run from. You should use this instead of playlist.position because it is threaded and may have changed by the time you read it in).

Un-done some thread fixes which werent needed.

Fixed 'Quit' a bit more, plus some problems with scripts with errors not quitting properly.

A few more example scripts.
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