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Earlier in the thread Tuggummi was musing about the possibilities of animated bitmaps. This was like maybe 4 or 5 pages ago. I don't know for sure if anyone offerred a solution. I found an application called BMP2AVI while browsing a favorite haunt of mine. It's freeware(yay). Here's the link:

Don't even bother trying to check out the homepage, as it seems to have vanished. However the application can be downloaded via the direct download link(I only downloaded the gui version).

Maybe with that handy little utility(looks handy, haven't used it yet personally), someone can do some nifty animation that might be a great deal more difficult to code, than to simply draw

I'm sorry if it's a useless app. I mean, I have only just started with AVS(really should stop telling folks that), and so I don't know how well the AVI render works.

*Fingers Crossed* I hope it does the trick, you have done some really amazing stuff without animated .bmp so I think with animation you might do still more amazing stuff(or it could turn to rubbish, but if that happened you'd just stop using non-AVS generated animations right?)
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