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It keeps the bitrate, but there is no sample rate data AFAIK. There is no samplerate column in the ML so this has no effect on your browsing speed in the ML as it is never shown.

There may be a way to get the samplerate data, as the 'view file info' manages to do it for songs that aren't playing. Perhaps the get extended info API call has a sample rate meta field for mp3s. In ActiveWinamp, whatever tag you pass to the ATFString method first gets tried in the ML, then through the IPC_GET_EXTENDED_FILE_INFO_HOOKABLE call. Although srate is intercepted and uses the above call, which is only useful for the currently playing item. Which is actually a bit of a bug, as it should apply to the current Media Item instead, but its not really a big deal. If there is a way to get the sample rate of non-playing items, I will use that instead.
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