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Re: About the multiple instancing problem
When someone call the ActiveWinamp object when Winamp is not running, is it launching Winamp with the /class parameter then? Maybe it could do this to make sure it know which Winamp it is controlling. And you could call a method on the ActiveWinamp root object called SetWinampClass(string) that tells the object which Winamp to use. Just an idea.

And can you use the Window Station/Desktop API to obtain the handle of a running Winamp when the ActiveWinamp object is called from ASP script? Maybe it requires the "Allow interaction with logged on user" privilege or something similar. Or maybe the only way for a process that is started under a non-logged on user (i.e. SYSTEM, or IADM_USR, whatever) to communicate with a program running under the logged on user is by using named pipes.
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