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My big rant which will tick DrO off: Flaws in API

Using Load file dialog (or as I like to call it Open Song) will add the song to the playlist. Winamp always does this. It first clears the playlist, then adds the song to it and starts playing. If someone clears the playlist while the song plays, no info about song can be retrieved as the playlist is empty.

Winamp has major flaws in it's API and currently no one at Nullsoft is caring shit about it. I wished Peter Pawlowski did something to the API the short time he spent at Nullsoft, but nooo. Instead he got fed up and started on his own player (Foobar2000) which has an extensive C++ class based API more powerful than Winamp can ever dream of with it's simple window message/struct system.

I'm also wondering if I should quit Winamp development and focus on one of the more up to date players. Maybe give fb2k/MediaMonkey a try. Implement free form skinning for fb2k based on code from the Wasabi project (which was a good start but lacked a dedicated dev team).

Just my 2 cents...
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