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I haven't put any of the scripts I use in the wiki because I don't feel that I've written them. I don't have the slightest technical knowledge about coding or scripting. All I do is take the examples that are included with the activewinamp package and modify them to suit my listening habits. Anybody who understands media library queries can do this. If I were to add them to the wiki I would feel like I was taking credit for work that I hadn't myself done, because all I'm doing is changing a word here & there. If you go back and look, all of my posts in this thread are very basic questions that if I knew how to script I wouldn't even have to ask.

If shaneh doesn't object to me putting these scripts in the wiki then I'd be proud to.

As far as the nick, I think it looks cool. You type it using the alt key & the number pad. Pfft.
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