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@¿¢?: Yes, good to see youve worked it out. A lot of people seem to have trouble with the insert method for some reason. There is an example in the wiki to do it, but the next version will hopefulyl have some better docs and at least a link to the wiki. As saivert said, you can get the year through ATFString but I will try make more things properties hopefully.

Feel free to add whatever you like to the wiki but use your best judgement. Small changes to existing scripts probably arent necessary, but if you think itd be helpful or useful to someone by all means throw it up.

If its inappropriate, I or someone else can easily roll it back or edit it, thats the idea of a wiki. You can add your own section or have them all in a single page or whatever you feel is best.

@saivert: try calm down a bit. its just a nick, its not offending anyone. For someone that doesnt have much 'technical knowledge' perhaps it is 'cool', it really doesnt matter either way.
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