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Originally posted by shaneh
Yes it would be possible, however the IPC's for updating items in the ML require a pointer to a buffer in-process which contains the item information. Not very easy or plausible with VBscript or from an external app. It kinda defeats the purpose of using ActiveWinamp to use a hack like that.

The rating and playcount meta data can already be updated by simply setting the properties, this is not difficult to add for the other meta data too, just not as necessary so wasn't done. I also want to make some better APIs for accessing/enumerating all the extended_info meta data, not just a fixed set.
I'll elaborate on what I'm working on then. Basically what I am trying to do is an app (C#) that lets you rename/move files easily from the media library and as it still retain the rating/last_played/play_count - Basically what you did with "Export/Import ratings to ID3" but automatically.

Problem is, once I change the filename, the item does no longer exist in library. So I can't reinstate its previous stats in the media library until it is there once again.

I even tried looking into simulating the drag&drop behavior of the library but still without luck.

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