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Thats currently not possible, but something I will eventually add. The problem is the meta data update methods currently only 'update', not 'add or update'. I guess all thats really needed is an 'medialibrary.additem(mediaitem)' method, which would let you add an item using the meta data in the mediaitem if its supplied.

Alternatively, if you have a MediaItem object which was obtained from the ML, and you change the .filename propery, I could make it do an add, using the meta data contained in the object. Its something I would need to think about, because that would be kind of high-level behaviour which I want to avoid.

It can acutally update more than just rating and playcount, you can modify title, album, genre etc too, I just forgot I had added that.

The only way to currently do something like that would be to send a 'refresh library' IPC to the ML after moving the files around. It wouldnt work too well. Otherwise you can mdofiy the source to ActiveWinamp to use add/updates instead of just updates, or to do what I described above.
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