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You would need CVS write access which requires me to add you as a dev. TortoiseCVS is a nice client if you ever want to use CVS under windows.

Anyway, you can email me those patches if you like, however Im not sure if I would add them as is. The reason why I used 'update' rather than 'addorupdate' is because I didn't want items to be added to the ML when changing meta data on items that weren't in the ml behind the scenes like that. For example, using LoadItem(c:\song.mp3) then changing the artist/title etc on that item shouldn't just add it to the ML. Adding an item to the ML should be a deliberate action IMHO, and not a by product of changing meta data.

So I would need to think carefully about how I would go about it. I think the idea of using additem(mediaitem) would work best, Im still sceptical about having the filename property read/write coupled with such high level behaviour. I think read only would be better, as it closer reflects the reality of the ML API. Thus people using AW write code that works well with the underlying API, rather than the higher level API without realising whats happening behind the scenes. Though this is just my opinion.

Unfortuantly, its not great practice to go about changing the API or behaviour randomly. Id recommend not distributing anything built on custom versions of AW, as it would break if the official version was installed.

Unfortuantly this puts you and others in a difficult situation as you need functionality which hasn't been provided, and may not be able to wait for an update - which has unfortuantly been a long time coming.

Ive said it before, but hopefully in the next couple weeks I will have some updates to AW and ml_tree happening.
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