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Ok dllmain, thanks for your help!

The only point is, is that winamp sometimes hang while loading a internetradio stream. Sometimes the buffer stands on 66% and load not to 100%. Winamp only plays with a 100% full buffer.

If winamp hangs with the stream, I give sometimes a new play-request, winamp connect the stream again and than it plays normally.

But, I'm not always at home and sometimes winamp doesn't load the stream correctly. And now I'm looking for a DPS-plugin ore something, that if there is no sound for 5 of 10 seconds, the plugin send automatically a play-command to winamp.

Or, maybe is there a options to make a DSP, that watch if winamp plays. If not, then mus the DPS send a play-request. This is maybe another option if the soundcard-detection not works...

I hope you can make something, many, many thanks!!!

Roland, Netherlands.
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