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Originally posted by DrO
int modify_samples1(struct winampDSPModule *this_mod,
short int *samples,
int numsamples, int bps, int nch, int srate){
int x = 0, s = numsamples*nch, beep = 0;

for(x = 0; x < s; x ++){if(!samples[x]){beep+=1;}}

if(beep >= s){
if(!timer){timer = SetTimer(this_mod->hwndParent,1997,
KillTimer(this_mod->hwndParent,timer);timer = 0;}

return numsamples;

edited to not break the frames and that's the core part of the plugin with it setting/removing the timer as required when null samples/valid samples are detected

I like the idea of this pluggie.... man I cant count how many times I have thought my music stopped when it really is just playing 10 minutes of silence before the hidden track kind of thing. (depending on the options.... going to dl tonight, will have to request the option to skip to the next song, but I have a feelign you already thought of that :P)

err better question, is one plugin better then the other (lol I geuss i like starting conflict)

just out of curiousity, how often does this checking get done? Just curious about resources I guess (probably could stop that loop at the first non-zero bit too :P)

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