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Thank you for checking. The coding problem may be due to running v1.0. I recently found the v1.2 on the sourceforge cvs, so maybe that took care of it.

I saw the SetTImeOut method but wasn't quite sure about how it worked. The Sleep method of WScript has "DoEvents" functionality in VB. Does the SetTimeOut method allow the CPU to process other instuctions also?

Also, my startup script (which runs internally) has an indefinite do...loop (why I need to sleep between loops). I've noticed that when I exit winamp, although the window closes, the winamp.exe process stays in task manager. In fact, it causes windows pop-up the "ending program" dialog when logging off.

I tried to set a flag with the Application_ApplicationExited event that kicks out of the loop (Do until fExited:,,,:Loop), but the ApplicationExited event isn't triggering. I've tried several other events also, but no luck. However, the sample startup_log.vbs file does work.

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