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Yes I still come in and read the posts when I can. Though it takes a lot longer to reply than read, and I unfortuantly don't have time for support anymore. I have around 200 unanswered emails in my inbox, hundreds of things to do, and basically no time anymore to do it. Its quite depressing to think that if I were to try handle all of that, all my free time for the forseeable future would be consumed.

Nonetheless... I will try take a look at this stuff soon. I desperately need to get a new version of AW out, as the one in the CVS fixes a few things, though it too needs a few fixes. The method I used to get the selection seems to still work for now in the beta, but I will add support for the newer method for newer versions of Winamp. With these ATF changes I will need to update a few of my plugins anyway.
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