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I wrote a script that will prompt for a year (inputbox) and change the mp3 tag (using id3co). Although the mp3 gets updated, the winamp ml keeps the previous year data.

I'm using a sendto: "for each track in x" and I've tried track.year=songyear, but I get an error. For the time being I'm running my script then using CTRL-E to update the ml. (I know you can update the mp3 tag with CTRL-E, but it's considerable slower - than even this method).

I have about 3000 songs without the year data in them & it's tedious enough to find the year data. I guess I could remove it from the database & re-add (I keep all my playcount & rating info in the mp3 tag), but again that's a bit tedious.

Is there anyway to update the ml from the file using a script?
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