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As I explained in my email, the reason many fields are read only is because :

a. I havent got around to exposing them properly
b. I wasnt sure these fields should be made writeable anyway - ie filesize and time etc shouldnt really be modified. The file itself should be, and then the ml told to re-read the info. As AW doesnt modify file tags, I wasnt sure about the ml and id3 tag getting out of sync.
c. I would prefer to have the cached object modified, then issuing a 'update to ml' type function so that all the info would be updated in one update rather than one for each meta data item modified.

Currently, meta data is updated into the ml as the property is modified, which Im not a massive fan of, but it does simplify programming. I have updated the cvs version to expose year, length and track in this way. I will do bitrate,filetime and filesize etc later. I may possibly use a flag in the media item to switch between on-demand ml updates or not for better performance when needed.

There is a 'track change' event that you can hook for performing actions when a new song is played.
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