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I should add, I did google and found this:

My favorite thing to do to show off my multiple monitors is with Winamp. Make sure you have the AVS visualization installed with winamp. This also requires that your video card able to display overlays.

-Move winamp and the visualization window to the secondary monitor.
-Go into the AVS settings by right-clicking and chosing AVS Editor.
-the AVS Editor box will popup, go to Settings > Display.
-On the right side, there are two options:
Overlay Mode
Set Color To desktop

Check the Overlay Mode box.

This doesn't seem to work.

My computer is a Dual 3.04ghz with my main video card being an NVidia Quadro4 980 (AGP), and the second video card (the one that is currently pushing the plasma) is a Radeon 7000 (PCI).

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