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Winamp Plug-in Language File Generator v2.2 [29/06/2010]
  • Fixed /wlz not copying dialog resources correctly in all cases - is now bit perfect in copying
  • Fixed /diff not working correctly in all scenarios (related to /wlz fixes)
  • Added auto-updating of known entries in wlz_list.ini (will preserve any custom added aspects)
  • Updated wlz_list.ini (fixes issues with some official plugins not being handled or guid being out of date)
  • Added /use_wa_ver switch to the /wlz command to append the Winamp version on the end of the working folder
  • Added /exclude_img switch to the /diff command to ignore RT_BITMAP resources when comparing against a wlz
  • Changed /wlz to compress the created hash zip instead of using store (the wlz is still created with store)
  • Changed some of the text output to clarify or make things clearer as to what has changed
  • Updated /help to be able to display just the help for single commands e.g. /help /wlz
A bigger update this time which should resolve most of the quirks in the translator options of this tool. There may be one or two more v2.x updates otherwise work will start (after i've had a well earned break i think) on v3 of the tool. Also thanks to Pawel for suggestions and reporting issues (though i'm sure i'll be getting more reports, heh).

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