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It sounds like CCleaner is cleaning something it shouldn't. In the last two weeks have you either upgraded Winamp or CCleaner? If yes - then this shows that there needs to be another update from CCleaner released. I expect their forums have other notes on this.

If you want to know exactly what happened... start CCleaner again, but this time include the Winamp Tick. Now push the ANALYZE button to look at what it wants to clean up. DO NOT PRESS <Run Cleaner>. Just Analyze.

Locate the section CCleaner has about Winamp. Double click it to open it and it will show what it wants to clean up. On my copy of CCleaner, it wants to delete:

These are the current playlists and "last played" items.

This shows that CCleaner does not need to clean up anything in Winamp for efficiency reasons, just removes tracks of what you have been doing.. So best to just leave Winamp UNTICKED in CCleaner.
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