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God I'm so f'ing mad now. Ran CCleaner a few days ago, and it deleted my entire playlist. This has never happened before with CC. WTF were they thinking when they put that in there? Why on EARTH do I want to clean up my playlist through CC? Kinda eliminates the point of having the playlist.

So that's several years of Winamp history down the drain. Yes, several years. I had around 5000 items on that list when it was deleted, and it was nice to see the "history" of what I've added through the years. But thankfully I had saved the list a while ago, but it's down to 3500 items now.

So thanks Piriform! I almost felt like crying when it happened

Sorry for OT, but maybe someone will see this and think twice before running CCleaner. And does anyone know a way to get my playlist back? Probably the Windows System Restore will do it, but is there any other way?
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