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Generally, it is not a good idea to keep your "life's playlist" just in Winamp's "current playlist".

You must understand, that Winamp's current playlist (saved in Winamp.m3u and Winamp.m3u8 every time you close Winamp) was intentionally thought as a "temporary", or "work" playlist.

Also note that, depending on your settings (but by default it is set so), double-clicking on a media file in your Windows Explorer overrides your current playlist and only inserts the double-clicked file into it, to play it right now.

Of course, you can set Winamp to add a new file to the playlist when double-clicking it in Windows Explorer, instead of replacing the playlist by just the one file.

But in general, you should not rely on the current playlist to be "eternal" and never be deleted. Also, some actions in Media Library or Winamp itself can override the Playlist.

If you want to organize your music and keep it in some order, use Winamp's Media Library instead! (You can also create playlists there.).

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PS: One addition: I love CCleaner and its feature to delete Winamp.m3u, in fact, I had configured it manually to delete it as a "custom file" long before they officially added Winamp support to CCleaner. And it's just because I want to start every "Winamp session" with a fresh, clean playlist, then add the kind of music that I want to listen to right now, album by album, from the Library and then click play. The "Recently played" plugin is not installed at all in my Winamp installation.

Nonetheless, Winamp should not crash if recent.dat is deleted by any other program, so I would consider this a Winamp bug?!
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