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I tried changing my 1080p lcd to primary monitor in control panel, but fullscreen still reverts to my crappy 768p laptop monitor. Same with desktop mode. which is especially frustrating.....

The only workaround is to duplicate the displays in windows display settings. but then you get lower resolution, and no workspace for the playlist and controls etc (or anything else) so whats the point?

What I really want is Milkdrop on all 3 desktops. and reacting to all sound (including my mic). Right from start-up, But at least give me a choice of which monitor goes full-screen!! VLC and Mediamonky Both do this (and most other things) better than Winamp, which after over ten years still runs like a bad beta. How about fixing all the bugs before adding any more features nobody wants?

Just in case hardware is relevant, I'm running an intel i3 330m cpu and a nVidia geforce gt 320m cuda graphics card, with hdmi feeding one monitor and crappy old vga on the other. with Win 7 ultimate

Although soon I will have a new tower, with at least 3 40 inch lcd's (I really want 5!), hence wanting a visualizer desktop on all monitors.....
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