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Stop using winamp

I tried Setting my second monitor as main. still doesn't work. fullscreen and desktop revert to lower resolution laptop.

The only workaround is to duplicate the displays with windows setting. But then you revert to the lower resolution and lose the extra workspace. So pretty pointless.

VLC and Mediamonkey can both go fullscreen on any of my three monitors. As an added bonus Mediamonkey runs all winamp plugins. mostly better than winamp. which runs like a bad alpha/beta for me, with constant crashing and resource hogging, so I cant do other stuff and lose work in other programs. How about the developers fix all the bugs before adding new crap like browsers nobody wants or uses.....

Winamp was the best music player around in the 90's. WTF happened? now it can't even scan my small music drive (1.5TB) without crashing windows.

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