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I don't have a problem with milkdrop, I love it. It's excellent!

My problem is with Winamp not displaying fullscreen mode on the correct screen, and with "desktop mode" really only being "a third of a desktop mode"

I posted here, rather than start a new thread about exactly the same thing. As per forum ToS.

While I was here I saw your workaround and tested it. obviously you never did before you posted, because it doesn't work. So I reported that, to save someone else wasting time taking bad advice.

I also found several workarounds that do work. So I posted them too. since nobody has been able to help the person that started this thread. Unfortunately for winamp lovers the best solution is to stop using winamp. As Mediamonky will do fulscreen visualizations while managing your music better than winamp. VLC will handle all your video needs with no dramas. Both will go fulscreen wherever you like (at least on my system)....

It seems your only reason for being here is to make yourself feel superior to others. Which is not very christian of you. This forum is for helping others, not belittling them.

It's ok though. I forgive you.
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