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i think the download numbers on, the submission rate on deviantart and the amount of comments in this forum speak a clear language. yes, there are people using those plugins, but there aren't many of them. i guess the real question is, who still uses winamp these days?

anyway, that visualization software. is that the kind that never sees the days of light or the one with the source code you will "lose" after the first release? seriously, every couple of years someone pops up (usually people that haven't been around for ages) and promise to 1) revive the avs scene or 2) that they're working on an alternative visualization plugin. it's always a bunch of bullshit, nothing ever gets released, there aren't even any following annoucements. the only serious effort i recall was fragmer's avsx, which in the end was sacked.

plus, nobody needs a plugin for just one player, least of all winamp. nullsoft seems only interested in the development of winamp for android, which has nothing in common with winamp except for the name. if you want to build a visualization software these days you first got to look around what's available and evaluate if it's necessary to start something new or if it wouldn't do better if you put your efforts into an existing project (there are PLENTY). okay, you made your decision, you want something new. why limit yourself to a platform? think big, bigger than a plugin for software x and bigger than for just one operating system. that jscript version unconed showed off recently made me think about how web technologies can be used to build music visualization. it maybe too soon, too slow, but it's the future. all major browser manufacturers are putting most their effort in improving jscript performance, but then there are alternatives such as nativeclient... etc etc etc

back to the issue. i can accept a serious call for support, tell us what you want to do, tell us where you need help, at least have a project page on github/google code/sourceforge. if you develop on your own, shut your mouth until you got something to show! (sorry if that sounds rude, i don't mean to insult you personally)

there are people that could join your cause, but as the fridge disaster showed that doesn't mean anything. if i were you, i'd talk to people like fragmer, grandchild and micro.d! fragmer got quite far and is quite knowledgeable when it comes to CUDA, grandchild showed some interested in developing something himself, and i'm sure micro.d can contribute in some form as he's quite active in the vvvv scene and as a person who's bringing visualizations to the club as a "vj".
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