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Raz, what do you mean by accessibility? Do you mean a simple, easy-to-use interface? Open development? ...?
Also I don't know about the math-heavy guides - those were bound to happen from the start, because a lot of the stuff in AVS could only be done "on foot" - like 3D and scripted animations and that kind of thing, where you would expect some helper functions or utilities from a software nowadays, to help you with tedious standard tasks - like 3D rotation. New people being "roughly directed" to those guides, that's another question. But Pak-9's guide was math-heavy to most people perhaps, but it was not inaccessible - in fact I found it to be rather well-written.

But yeah, I am really interested in what you would like a "new AVS" to be like, to be "accessible".

If you ever do get a hold of Fragmer, that would be great - would like to hear how that avsx stuff went...
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