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Originally Posted by Grandchild View Post
But yeah, I am really interested in what you would like a "new AVS" to be like, to be "accessible".
What I mean by accessible is how easy it is to find out about and see, and how easy it is to start using it. Right now with AVS, to even SEE presets you either have to look at a recording on youtube, or you have to go and find and download a huge program, Winamp. Then you have to go into the plugin settings, switch the default visualiser to AVS from milkdrop, you have to know that the visualiser exists also and how to get to it. Then you can open it up and see a few presets that cycle automatically. Etc etc etc. It's a nightmare of unexplained hidden features and it's a miracle anybody found it to begin with.

edited: Relevant point, I don't even look at AVS anymore, and not because I don't want to, it's just that whenever it strikes me, I think about the bother of installing it all and going around my existing music library direct to the files and migrating it into winamp, and forget about using spotify or one of those. Then I just don't bother, can't be fussed with all the hassle.

By accesible I mean you can click a thing and see visualisers to music that people are already playing to start with. Not through an arbitrary player. New presets would be browsable and viewable from the visualiser itself, use new or popular presets buttons, see more from this artist buttons, etc. A usable interface for playlists. And that's for viewing. For building it needs to encourage people to tweak what already exists. Off the top of my head, have a "remix this preset" butto and have remixes show up like video responses on youtube. Spend more time developing tools and options with a usable GUI to customise and tweak so that it doesn't need as much coding to make anything new. Presets would be tied to a central location integrated with the program with a proper rating and comments and remixing system. From there you can tie into social media using the facebook api and etc etc etc.

I'm just pulling ideas out of my ass here, if I sat down and put some thought into it we could really get a plan going. I'm not the man to code a visualiser though, the hardcore coding was never my strong suit, much as I tried.

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