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Originally Posted by fragmer View Post
EDIT: If I were to redo avsx today, I'd go with OpenCL/OpenGL combination code. This will allow keeping all buffer data on the GPU, and still doing general-purpose computations.
So you would stay completely GPU-based? That's interesting, I will have to read more about OpenCL/GL to really understand how general-purpose computations fare on the GPU. Especially a simple compiler/script interpreter, because without coding/scripting capabilities such a new Visualizer would be dead from the start, just not flexible enough.

Originally Posted by Raz View Post
[...] see visualisers to music that people are already playing
new presets would be browsable and viewable from the visualiser itself
encourage people to tweak what already exists
have remixes show up like video responses on youtube
a usable GUI to customise and tweak so that it doesn't need as much coding
a central location integrated with the program with a proper rating and comments and remixing system
tie into social media using the facebook api
These are all valid points, and interesting ones, some of them I also see as a must (use any audio source to begin with) some would make the sugar on the cake
I would add Open Source to my requirements list...

And as I said, I am currently writing on such a thing and have every intention to finish it. So I am very happy about ideas and pointers as to what to think about, what to incorporate, and which direction to take this. Some others on here have done or are doing the same, so we'll see what comes out of all this.
Right now I am not actively inviting you to join me in my efforts, because I think the project is not really mature enough yet. You can still have a look at its github page. Maybe there will be anther project that will be more worth it. We'll see...
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