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Originally Posted by fragmer View Post
EDIT: If I were to redo avsx today, I'd go with OpenCL/OpenGL combination code.
Would you go that way even when you take into account that only about 10% (from my own visualizer stats) of all users would meet those requirements? Assuming cards with OpenGL 4.0 support also has OpenCL support. Unsure if that assumption is correct or not. Even though as I have figured out lately, you can do a lot of nice things just with normal shaders.

Originally Posted by Raz View Post
By accesible I mean you can....
Good ideas! They are deferentially going on the todo list. If you have more ideas I for one would be happy to hear them. My visualizer already has some of your suggestions but a tighter integration between the visualizer and a scene repository is on the list of things to do.

One place where the forking concept is shown rather well is at GLSL Sandbox. The problem there however is that the noise to gems ratio is high. They have some very nice shaders but finding them among the 1600 permutations is very difficult.
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