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Open the (Settings -> )debug window and add reg00 = var; then you can watch the value, and see if it does anything. (reg goes from 00 to 99)

I will take a guess at v being the same as i=0 at that point as it's ran before the point section.
In fact it does.
reg00 = v;
reg01 = if(equal(i, 0), v, reg01);

Both reg00 and reg01 show the same value.

I am an idiot and it's too late to be thinking. The code I tested was wrong, which I've now amended and it looks like they're different values. It's not equal to i=1 either.

2: Variables aren't case sensitive. (I can't remember if I knew that )
Example: D=1; d=0; reg02=D; (this will show 0)

3: Doesn't look like it, nope.
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