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Originally Posted by QOAL View Post
Open the (Settings -> )debug window and add reg00 = var; then you can watch the value, and see if it does anything. (reg goes from 00 to 99)

I will take a guess at v being the same as i=0 at that point as it's ran before the point section.
In fact it does.
reg00 = v;
reg01 = if(equal(i, 0), v, reg01);

Both reg00 and reg01 show the same value.

I am an idiot and it's too late to be thinking. The code I tested was wrong, which I've now amended and it looks like they're different values. It's not equal to i=1 either.

2: Variables aren't case sensitive. (I can't remember if I knew that )
Example: D=1; d=0; reg02=D; (this will show 0)

3: Doesn't look like it, nope.
Thanks, didnt know how to use the debugger. This is really useful. still dont understand what v in frame code does. if i remove it the scope moves more uniformly and looks different.

Also the d=D/n; code doesnt do anything either since D was never initialized, will always be zero (im assuming this is the case, the debugger confirms: uninitialized variables are 0)

Originally Posted by InCUbuS-94 View Post
Well, "V" in this case is used to change the speed of the scope, and it's excecuted every frame, stating the obvious.

Z is useless, so go ahead, annihilate it.

It's 1 A.M. here and I'm tired, so my answer may not be what you're seeking.
how does it control the speed? what values is assigned to it? is 'v' something provided internally by the Superscope?
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