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Okay I also am VERY OFTEN using the gen_tray and I am also annoyed every time that when I use the BACK button, the song "double-starts" which sounds like the first note "stuttering", depending on how much "silence" is at the start of the song.

I think I also reported this bug years and years ago, but it somehow went lost, and it is not so extremly annoying because I mainly use gen_tray to go the NEXT song (on Shuffle...) where this does not happen.

But nice to see that fixed in the next version!!

Especially if it also can cause, under some circumstances like yours, a real crash.


(uhm... because I do not want to use Cloud in the near future, I wouldn't update to 5.7 so it would be so great if that could be included in another 5.6x Build OR maybe the new gen_tray could be downloaded separately manually?)

Thanks anyway and best regards,
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