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Originally Posted by Borkar View Post
The default times are fade in 1s, hold time 2s, fade out 5s. Personally, I prefer fade in 0.1s, hold time 2s, fade out 0.5s.
Thank you for the info. I get no difference with the default timing. I need to keep cycling thru several times before I get the play notification to fail. It happens sooner if I let the notifications fade completely. Again, several more cycles or switching to another song gets it working again.

I'm not able to select 100 milliseconds. My configuration shows 250, 500, and 750 for options below 1 second. This may be because I normally use a cPro skin and I did not disable that plug-in when I switched to the Winamp Modern skin.

Anyway, frequent or infrequent failures of the play notification to appear shows there is something not working right.

Obviously, it is much less of a problem for me and I probably would not have noticed, without you mentioning it. I normally use 2, 5, and 7.5 seconds. Even-though I have the notifications displaying at the top center of my screen, when I'm multitasking it takes me a little longer to glance at them during consecutive playback.

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