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Originally Posted by rmerit View Post
Using the Winamp Classic skin. If I play an MP3/WAV/M4A file and use the mouse to drag the Seeking Bar to a new time point, when I release the mouse the display continues to show "Seek To: xx:xx" instead of reverting to the song title. Doesn't happen with WMA files. Doesn't happen when seeking with the keyboard. This behavior has been occurring with Winamp versions >= 5.65 (5.64 is fine).
I cannot reproduce it.

The text "Seek To: xx:xx/xx:xx (xx%)" will be shown on seek and stays a bit before the title is shown again.

I've tried it with Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder [in_mp3.dll] and with deleted in_mp3.dll and Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder set to handle MP3 files.

[Edit] Look at DrO's reply below, that answers your question, if that option is unchecked via rt click menu, then the 'seek' text won't disappear.

If the option is checked already and you still see that issue, then please post a list of your plugins:
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