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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Winamp (internally) lets you create a media library playlist named any way you want because that name is not used for the actual playlist file. The name you use is saved in a database record and is associated with a unique string of alpha-numeric characters that Winamp uses for the actual playlist file saved on the computer.

If you later want to export the playlist named with unacceptable Windows file name characters, then you need to right click on the playlist name and use the rename command to change it to acceptable Windows file name characters. The export dialog won't open because it wants to include the name the file may have (so that you can just click OK) and can't do that if the name is illegal as a Windows file name.

You should be able to delete a media library playlist by selecting the playlist's name and using the right click delete command or keyboard delete key. Which method is not working for you? Are you using a language pack?

This is not clear. What do you mean by "on second time"?

So far, you have not indicated a bug. Maybe a lack of understanding of how Winamp is working.
I'm using Winamp since 2000. Never had any problem with playlist menu (like extract/rename/remove) untill i upped 5.62 to 5.66

I created new playlist named like "Artist - Album: Blablabla" then i click to extract and window won't pop up.

"on second time" I mean, I can remove first created playlist with symbol (like . or !), but second one won't disappear until restart.

In detail: create a playlist named "blablabla!" (playlist must contain some songs, an empty one removing correctly allways) then delete it, try to repeat the same way.
+ I use US localization
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