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Build 3516 does not deal well with tags

Finally I unistalled winamp 5.6.6 (build 3516), as far as I know the final release, and re-installed the previous 5.6.6 (build 3507) I still had the installation file, then everything returned to "normal". I can play any mp3 file. With the newest release I cannot play mp3 files generated by Lame encoder using Nero Suite 12 withe tags Nero creates for the file (I'm converting into mp3 files all my cd collection since the 1980's), however with build 3516 I can play all my music library files without crashes

On the other hand if I open those files using mp3Tag pro and then save them as mp3 again something changes in the files and build 3516 can then deal with those files and play them again.

Weirdo weirdo!!. What tag is the problem?... who knows!.

I can upload one of those files if someone wants to do further research. In the meantime my workaround is to use buld 3507


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