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I have complaint about something that is not a bug,more annoying behavior and is not characteristic for other softwares:

I often keep opened 4 programes:Winamp v5.666.Lite(Classic Skin)administrator account,
shared settings,
Windows Media Player v11,Windows Explorer And Notepad,maximized,and they are all positioned in
Taskbar as Taskbar Buttons.I listen intermittently Winamp,than Windows Media Player,etc.
But,when I want Winamp to appear I exess Taskbar Button by pressing
Windows Button + Tab,select Winamp Task and than press ENTER to make it appear in a first row,
but it starts to minimize,instead of appearing maximized like other tasks.
It minimizes to Taskbar and then I must to reselect it again by Win Button + Tab and than ENTER to maximize it,so I late to mix up 2 songs correctly on time,the song fades out.
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