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-Winamp 5.666 ( - clean install (and re-install as well), no extra plugins, addons
-English lang pack
-Asus P5K, intel Core 2 E6750, 4x1Gb Corsair XMS2
-Windows Vista Enterprise x64 SP1, locale:HU
-Asus EN8800GTS, Nvidia detonator 34.89
-Integrated HD audio, driver: 6.1.7601

- When I start winamp and start scanning local media (only one folder with lots of mp3) (smart+ or default) it always crashes about after 3-4 mins.
- When I start to play a single album it crashes few mins later.
- When I do nothing just start winamp it always collapses in few mins.
I tried to change media scanning options, change output settings... but my favorite player always crashes.

Please fix this annoying thing. Thx.
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