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A call for source code

Hello everyone. I've been working on rewriting AVS into a plain C library. I would like to start out by thanking the old Nullsoft for releasing it under the 3-clause BSD license. I've come quite a way through the code base, removing the C++ classes as I go. I'm nearing the end of the built-in components with about a dozen to go. There are still a few major structure features missing (like effect lists and an actual Winamp plugin).

Now onto what I want.

I'm looking for source to APEs, the plugins for the AVS plugin. I'm particularly interested in the ones that come bundled with Winamp: Texer, Texer II, Convolution, Colour Map, and Multi Filter. If you are the author of one of these and read this: please get in touch. I would greatly appreciate a reply from you, even if it is a flat out no. I will also try to find some current contact information for the authors and see if I can speak to them directly.

Finally, I guess I should add a link to my code. I didn't want this to be seen as advertising though. If you want to look:

Winamp ATF ReferenceMy cPro timer widgetMy port of AVS
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