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just being practical as i could see what your comment was hinting at. so sorry to bring you down to the land of realism, but AVS as-is i.e. what counts as the official version is a pain to deal with, has been in its death-throws for a while when it comes to 'official' support. hence why it'll be spun-off as a legacy download (which i've been pushing for to happen for a few years).

if something modern and which still supports all of the old presets correctly without the legacy issues could be created (officially or via a 3rd party) then that'd be good for those still wanting to use AVS on modern OSes. but sadly none of the projects i've seen so far either are license-permissive (as we cannot use GPL code) or have been started and then just stop without anything off use that can be back-ported to help with the official version or they don't resolve the fundamental issues (which is stability and fullscreen not working).

J_Darnley: if we (well mainly me) can help with any Winamp related questions then do ask and will try to answer as best as possible.
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