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I wanted to post an update after coming back to work on this.

I've rendered a short video for anyone who wants to see somthing. You can get through this magnet link magnet:?

I really need to get effect lists working.

Originally Posted by Warrior of the Light View Post
whose contact information do you need?
I've located the author of Texer II, Color Map (and others), Steven Wittens, here: I'll be sending him an email shortly.

I'm still looking for:
Tom Holden, the author of "Trans / Convolution filter"
Contact info for jheriko, author of "Trans / Multi Filter". I see a deviant art URL in the filter so I might see if I can resurrect my ~10yr old account there.
Anything about the author of "Trans / Texer" like a name, a nick, something.

Originally Posted by Yathosho View Post
While I doubt that UnConeD still has the sources for his APEs, the best way to get in touch is probably his Twitter account
Ugh, maybe, eventually. I might ask someone with an account to send him some sort of PM.

Originally Posted by Yathosho View Post
Have you had a look at Webvs? Azeem has reverse engineered some of the effects afaik. Getting your heads together could be of benefit for both projects.
I have seen it and have been thoroughly put off by the javascript. It has more black magic than the C++ I've been decoding to write this. I also found AVS file decoder which, despite also being javascript, was actually extremely helpful at showing me how to parse the files.

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