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Originally Posted by Yathosho View Post
The most important question for me: do you design this with Winamp-independency in mind? Or, even better, cross-plattform? I don't think that many people still use Winamp anymore, maybe a small dedicated core.
I do indeed design the core library to be independent from both Winamp and Windows. I have not yet tested on anything but 32-bit Cygwin (read this as Windows if you don't know what it is).

I have a very basic filter for FFmpeg's libavfilter library. I am using that to test the code by rendering simple AVS presets (that I save in vis_avs) to test each component as I create it. Doing that I can check that it doesn't horribly crash and that the output looks similar to what vis_avs is showing.

Nobody can use this code with Winamp yet as I haven't written a plugin for it. That is my ultimate goal though.

If you would like to try compiling, or writing a plugin for something else (VLC was mentioned in another thread), please feel free. I will answer any questions and address any issues you have.

P.S. I would like to bitch about the complexity of Dynamic Movement. This one is not very easy to make a half-way intelligent port. Then again, maybe I am just over thinking it.

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