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Hi Evil Crusader,

I don't see anything obviously wrong in your configuration. The lyrics plug-in and the language pack would be my prime suspects, but you already said that they are not causing the problem. You do have a number of official components that I don't use. I can only suggest disabling them (with Winamp shutdown, change the file extensions from "dll" to "off") to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then re-enable them (one at a time) to see which one or ones cause the problem to return.

The following plug-ins are no longer working due to expired licenses with AOL and the new owner (Radionomy) will not be renewing their licenses, so there is no need to leave them enabled.

ml_autotag.dll, ml_nowplaying.dll, and ml_plg.dll

The following are also not in my configuration, so I don't know if they may be involved or not. If you don't use the tray control feature or the various kinds of portable media players, then there is no need to have them enabled either.

gen_tray.dll, pmp_activesync.dll, pmp_android.dll, pmp_ipod.dll, pmp_njb.dll, pmp_p4s.dll, and pmp_wifi.dll

There are a few more having to do with the CD 'rip and burn' feature (and the Sonic Burning Engine) and podcasts, but no one (to my knowledge) has reported them causing this kind of problem.

Something may not have installed correctly, so a re-install (clean or 'in-place') may help.

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