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ATF $trim function crashes Winamp if argument does not exist

1. Enter this ATF string on the 'Titles' page in the Winamp Preferences:
%artist% - %title%[ - %comment%]

2. Find a MP3 or FLAC file that does not have a comment field in its tag.

3. Drag and drop the file to the Playlist Editor and observe Winamp handle the file normally.

If you dont't, you run the risk of not being able to start Winamp until the ATF string is replaced from outside Winamp. (eg. from a back-up or clean install or editing winamp.ini)

5. Change the ATF string (notice the addition of the $trim function) to this:
%artist% - %title%[ - $trim(%comment%)]

Answer "Yes" or "No" to the invitation to rename the playlist entries. It won't matter which is selected.

6. Drag and drop the same file to the Playlist Editor and observe Winamp crash.

My pertinent settings
Preferences > Plug-ins > Input > Configure in_mp3.dll > ID3 Tags > ID3 Tag Reading > check-mark "Read ID3v.2 tags"
Preferences > Media Library > Local Library > Watch Folders > Metadata Reading Settings > Configure > All, no guessing
Preferences > General Preferences > Titles > check-mark "Use advanced title formatting when possible"
Preferences > General Preferences > Titles > Metadata Reading > default
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