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Bug with Nullsoft DirectSound Output

There is a bug with Nullsoft DirectSound Output (i'm using v2.64 (d))

It can only play 2, 4, or 5.1 channel formats; otherwise I get
Error creating DirectSound buffer.
Error code: 80070057
and the file won't play

To replicate install clean winamp and play any different channel format file (e.g. 2.1, 5, 7.1) Attached is an example song: it's a 16-bit 44100Khz 5 channel FLAC file that plays fine in other media players in original format.

On latest winamp using Windows 8.1 primary sound is HDMI to a 7.1 system. allow 24-bit and allow surround sound enabled in winamp options and windows sound options.

For futher testing I changed from nullsoft flac decoder to directshow decoder and used ffdshow audio decoder. I played around with the mixer and yeah, unless it was set to output 2, 4, or 5.1 channels, winamp directsound output gave me the above error. I tried every combination of allow hardware acceleration and creating primary buffer options in directsound output settings with no luck. With a 5 channel wav file, winamp crashed as soon I put the file in the playlist.

For some reason forum attachment isn't working; here's a link to 16-bit 44100Khz 5 channel flac file:
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