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Long time no see, everyone. I am here with an update. I now have an extremely basic plugin you can try, at your own risk.

It will render onto its own window at 320x240 at up to 30 fps. It has no skin integration yet (hence its own window). There is almost no reporting/logging of errors yet. If a preset tries to use a unimplemented APE then it will just fail at init and tell you. Texer and Texer II are the big missing features.

Oh, if you get the message RegisterClassEx failed at some point, restarting Winamp can remedy that until it happens again.

Since Gitorious is shutting down I need to put my code elsewhere. I'll probably move over to Gitlab who bought them. In the meantime there is source.tar in my attachment which has the up-to-date source in it (not that most people will be interested in that).
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