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Hi nudge, been a long time.

I still think about it now and then and I get inspired from ads etc..

But I always used to make my presets in one 'sitting', otherwise I lose track of what I'm aiming at and other loose ideas. Now that I have a family and a full-time job, I only get an hour or maybe two max once in a few days and that's just not enough.
In the past I had a PC hooked up to my TV and audio set with winamp and AVS but I use kodi in the livingroom on a raspberry pi (openelec) and AVS isn't supported. So I don't even use AVS myself anymore. I still use winamp on my desktop upstairs but WA usually runs in the background.
And to do it just for others, well there's hardly anybody downloading it since there are no more addons on dA ever only had a fraction of the downloads had and that was mainly targeted at the community of other artists. It just feels like I'd be doing a lot of work for nothing.

Maybe things could get livelier again if radionomy would get that new version out and bring back the addons section of the site... (crosses fingers) and I can get the time and inspiration.

(A stable AVS would help too )

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