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I have Whacko AVS 4 pack in a compter, which contains Yummy Plastics and Rubber starfish.
i cant resist in attempting to opening it and crashing.

and how do i see the version of AVS? i dont know which one is.

im currently making a Player-like preset¹ which would use the metaballs.
since it crashes in certain computers, i wish there was a better version of the Simple Render APE, to be able to change positions precisely, change width, height, line width, lines and etc... im not really good at making superscopes, so i keep ripping objects from other presets.

the player preset uses lines taken from Final Whack's Intro.
its simple but cant write it myself; the only problem which haunts me is memory.
it looks quite hard to remember scripts

and there is too much text here. i cant even know if im spamming now...

- Paradoxical Fox (Retrik)
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