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You're not spamming, write all you want. That is, unless you have free iPhones for 'sale'.

For the version, right-click the visualizer in the main window and hit 'select plug-in' (or CTRL+K).

There are tutorials for superscopes. To create a simple left-to-right simple scope, clear all boxes and enter this:
in init
in point

and change 'draw as' from dots to lines

quick explanation:
Every superscope is a line that's made of 'n' points. increase n and the line becomes more detailed, but remember that a too high number will slow the preset down. (in this case I used n=w because 'w' is the screen width)
'i' is the point on the line used in 'point'. It ranges from 0 to 1 in steps of 1/n.
x and y are obvious, ranging from -1 to 1, where y=1 is the bottom rather than the top.

unconed's presets are awesome but might not be the best starting point to learn how to code as they are among the most advanced presets around.

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