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Display playlist on remote monitor

I am looking for a way to display the playlist on a remote monitor. The monitor would not be by the computer.
1. It could be displayed on a second monitor attached to the computer, but in a remote location. Just displaying a duplicate of the playlist would be OK.
2. Playlists should be updated to show the currently playing track. One way that I have thought about would be to make a skin with a second copy of the playlist. This might not work, so does anyone have any thoughts?

This is to display the playlist for dancers so they can readily see what is coming up next. Along with this idea, it would be good to have the ability to make comments in the playlist.
One could clone the second monitor, but the second monitor would display all kinds of things other than the playlist. Just a clean second playlist with adjustable fonts, preferably visible when Winamp is minimized would be the ideal.
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